Madhu Yedla


Autism Ability Centre is an excellent centre for kids with ASD and Delayed milestones. Their faculty is amazing and the managing Mrs. Mansi mam is doing a great job in running the centre efficiently. They really take care of your kid like their own. The environment and the people here are so good and humble that you feel like being at home. Also it provides a play feel to the kids which make them comfortable throughout the session. Great work environment and wonderful place for children to develop and enhance. Affordable when compared with others places. Sessions are conducted with one-on-one approach. From my own personal experience, I know they take only limited number of kids as they don’t want their quality to decrease. They give attention to each child’s need and have complete knowledge about their progress. My 5 year old daughter has benefitted so much from the centre and she loves going to the center every day. I have seen good improvement in my child and other kids who are coming to the centre.

I would like to thanks Mrs. Mansi Bagwe Das and team, appreciate all your dedication and efforts you are keeping on and please continue the same which gives more positive energy to children’s and parents. In this competitive days you were never been commercial and working for better future of children. We need more centers like Autism Ability Centre.

Sweta Chauhan


My feelings can hardly be expressed with words, but I try best first of all, the center is located away from noise and chaos. The place is very peaceful and full of greenery and nature. The curriculum is loaded with activities and organized in accordance with the child’s activities and requirements.

I’d like to express my gratitude for the outstanding contributions you’ve made to ensure my child’s activities in these unprecedented times. We appreciate your efforts in managing the child’s skills and abilities during learning time. We are so grateful to have you my child’s

Thank you Autism Ability Center

Peter & Jayshree


When my twin daughters were 2 yrs old , we got them admitted to AAC. We were really surprised to see tremendous changes in both our daughters behaviors within few weeks of joining.

Now it’s been 3 months, they are having proper eye contact and responds to us as well.

This transformation in my daughters have happened only because of sincere efforts of the entire Team of AAC. We are very much obliged to Mansi Ma’am and the entire team of AAC. In this pandemic no one wants to risk their life to others but you considered our case and the urgency of time and sincerely worked with my daughters.

Once again thank you to the entire Team of AAC for bringing back my daughters to normalcy. Thanks



When my 5yearsold son Anshu was diagnosed with moderate Autism, we were lost and confused on how to work with our son and what to do with him. Someone suggested us about the Autism Ability Centre and we thought of giving it a try. Within few weeks of joining we felt so much hope. Before sending him to AAC he wasn’t speaking a word. Out of frustration he would continuously keep whining and banging his head. This was a behaviour that was more worrisome for us. Now Anshu’s head banging and whining is almost negligible and he has picked up few words as well. He’s also able to communicate through PECS and plays appropriately with toys as well. We are seeing huge improvements with Anshu in this program. All the staff are very
professional and knowledgeable. They are always ready to help you with your child and always ready to answer all of your questions. We would highly recommend Autism Ability Centre.

Ritu Kamal


Best place for special children.

This place has been by far one of the best places for my child. Ever since my child started to go to that place he has shown amazing improvements all thanks to Mansi Ma’am. She has been an
impeccable source of hope for me and my child’s growth. She has always put the children first no matter what and cared for them while bringing visible improvements. She is amazingly caring and deals with all situations and hardships for our children, even during this hard time of covid spread she didn’t give up on our children and on her own kept the centre running for the hours before curfew, only so that the growth of our children is never discontinued. We can never thank her enough for giving our child the supervision he needs.

Her staff is also incredibly important. They take care of our children like their own. They have many physical activity equipments such as trampoline, slides, swings etc. along with many indoor activities and mind games such as puzzles.

Before, my child used to watch rhymes on YouTube all the time, no matter what I tried his constant want for it wasn’t changing but thanks to the suggestions Mansi ma’am provided the amount of mobile he used to use decreased day by day and now it has almost completely stopped, since his interest was taken away from mobile he started engaging in different activities like colouring, swinging, showing interest when we family members play a game eg. carom at home but most importantly and most remarkable change was his positive improvement in speech.

No matter how many words I put it in, but it will never be enough to express my feelings and gratitude.

Thank you so much respected Mansi Ma’am and team.