The Founder

Mansi Bagwe Das

Founder – Director

Mansi is a Special Educator. She has a master’s degree in Autism from University of Northampton, England. As an autism therapist, she is passionate about working with neurodiverse children and their families. Mansi has more than 12 years of experience helping individuals of all ages who have autism and other special needs. She uses a variety of different approaches in individual, group, and family therapy, and is skilled at tailoring her therapeutic approach to meet the needs of her children.

Mansi is the 1st PECS certified therapist in India. She has worked closely with Dr. Gary Mesibov and has shared her work experience in a book “Accessing the Curriculum for Pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Using the TEACCH Programme to Help Inclusion ” authored by Dr. Gary Mesibov and Prof. Marie Howley.

Mansi is trained in TEACCH Approach (Structured Teaching) and PECS for communication modality. She has completed her internship at North Carolina Living & Learning Centre, USA and has extensive experience of working in the adult sector.

As an autism therapist and respected autism expert, Mansi works with toddlers, teens and adults who are neurodiverse with autism traits or a diagnosis. She finds it an honor and a joy to play a role in helping them gain skills, confidence, and inspiration to move forward in their life. Mansi truly enjoys getting to know her children as individuals. And, she deeply values their uniqueness and all that they bring to this world! With vast experience implementing evidence-based modalities, Mansi skillfully applies Play Therapy, TEACCH & PECS interventions, solution-focused therapy, among others. She is compassionate, intuitive, and quickly builds rapport with children.

When Mansi works with children she looks at all the factors that are causing them pain and stress, then she teaches them coping skills to help them overcome adversity and discomfort. Mansi works with her children to teach them new social skills to increase social, personal, academic, and career success all while honoring their culture and experience.

Mansi is also dedicated to working with parents and other caregivers for a brighter future for their children & adults with autism traits.


Behind the strength

C.R. Sravanthi

Special Educator

Sravanthi has a bachelor’s in education. She is also a bilingual Hindi, Telugu, Tamil & English speaker. Sravanthi has worked with individuals with developmental disabilities from various cultural backgrounds in an inclusive school for over 3 years.

Sravanthi shares that working with individuals on the autism spectrum and their families has given her the privilege of seeing the world from their perspectives. And, it helps her assist them in achieving their goals. Prior to becoming a therapist, she facilitated groups for and worked individually with neurodiverse individuals in a day program. Sravanthi believes that being around others who may be having similar experiences can make us feel less alone and more connected. Furthermore, she understands that feeling “different” can be hard.

During autism therapy, she uses various theories and treatment models. Given an environment where people feel understood and accepted, she believes there is no limit to their potential for healing and growth. Ultimately, her hope is that each individual learns how being unique is actually their strength.


Autism Coach

Ramya is a passionate autism coach. She has Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. Her work includes working with neurodiverse children and adults. While she has worked with both typical and neurodiverse individuals, her passion is helping individuals with autism overcome emotional issues and the challenges they face.

Ramya works with teens, adults & individuals with autism. She also facilitates group therapy. Since all individuals are unique, her treatment style varies depending on the age and personality of an individual, the issues the person is struggling with, and how much structure a person prefers. Initially, regardless of treatment style, her focus is always first on compassionately connecting and understanding someone. So, she will listen and work hard to truly understand a person’s experience and perspective of the world. Then, she will use the information they share to inform their treatment, providing gentle and empathic guidance to help a person develop new skills, or help them to consider new options for interacting with the world.

Personally, she is a gentle, kind, and compassionate person, with a quiet, reflective temperament. Ramya believes all of us are always learning and growing in many ways socially and emotionally, relationships make growth happen. As an autism coach, she strives to create a safe and nurturing therapeutic relationship that promotes this learning. She truly believes this can lead to incredible, positive change in one’s life.

Veera Babu

Sports Coach

Many children with disabilities want to participate in sporting events, but physical conditions can impede efforts to navigate playing fields or handle some sports equipment. Coach Veera Babu plays a unique and indispensable role in sports for children with special needs.

As a coach, he provides the sports skills and spirit that help define a true athlete. He is a role models of sportsmanship and good character, key to a successful sports experience for Special needs athletes. He helps athletes develop their potential, ability and self-worth both on and off the field.

A graduate student with 14 National Medals in Fencing and a passionate sports person with a 3 years plus experience of working with individuals with Autism, the enthusiasm, commitment and positive attitude that Veera Babu brings to each practice, event and competition has a lasting effect on the athletes.

His confidence and passion for showing them how to build upon their strengths and improve every day helps athletes become more productive and respected members of their community. With his help, and through the power of sport, Autism Ability athletes learn about teamwork, friendship, goals and self – discipline – skills and lessons that serve them through their lives.

Veera Babu believes, “standing on the front lines of helping children with special needs fully participate in sporting events are coaches who understand the challenges and effectuate changes for every child’s benefit”.