Raising a child with Autism

Can be challenging for parents, especially during the times when there are uncertainties and doubts.

If your child is recently diagnosed with autism or might been at a risk of having autism spectrum disorder, and you are seeking for professional advices and looking for an effective treatment that best helps your child, we are here to help you.


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Our team is comprised of highly trained and experienced consultants and are all here to provide comprehensive and optimal advices for you and your child.

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Service open to:

Parents from worldwide with child with ASD


30 MIN

Only 1 appointment for each family. Appointment date, time & consultant will be arranged by AAC.


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Marathi
  • Gujrati

Video call platform:


Benefits and Advantages

Who will benefit from online

  • Parents who suspects their child with ASD
  • Any parent whose child has just been diagnosed with autism
  • Any parent who do not have readily accessible services for autism

What are the advantages of online consultation?

  • More convenient, accessible for parents globally
  • Discrete, reliable and private
  • Stronger connections and increasing parents’ engagement with our team
  • Better quality therapy approach for kids with ASD

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  • Only open to parents of children with ASD
  • We do not provide assessment in the video consultation
  • Clinical advice and recommendation will be provided from our consultants
  • Only for parents. No child is allowed in the consultation
  • If you are our current AAC parent, please contact your consultant directly for more specific advice and services.


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